Friday, February 24, 2012

I channel Elvis. In a way...

Do you ever feel like your creative genius is channeling Elvis? It's been there, but it's left the building? Sometimes I feel that way. And I get a little bummed but I can't put into words why I am blue. Then something will happen and I will be creative for a purpose, a reason, a deadline (usually). And you know what happens? I remember what it feels like to let that creativity flow from my mind and into my hands. Out of my hands and into the material that I am working with, whatever that may be. And I am happy. At peace. No longer restless. And I create and create and create some more. I feed my need for creativity. And it feels good. So, so good! But what if I didn't know that was my need? What do people do when they are forever restless and can't find why?

I wonder if you could put into words what kind of soul you feel like you have? Are you an old soul? A tender soul? A restless soul? A peaceful soul?

And why? Have you always been that way, have you been jaded by life at some point? I wonder. I wonder. Do you have a need to feed? What is it that drives you? When are you at your most expressive and true self? I wonder...


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hanging Head, In Shame....

I have no exuses. I've just taken a really long break from blogging and I'm sorry. I've started back to school this semester. I'm taking 8 hours right now but will take 3 more hours at the end of the semester. This is my capstone semester and I'm having a lot of fun so far. I've chosen my classroom for my work study and I've chosen my target child in that classroom that I will focus on maintaining a portfolio for.

I have a co-teaching student with me and we have already chosen our project topic. I am so, so, so excited about this! We are using the book Weslandia....such a great book for this age (3rd grade). I read it this week and they loved it.

Now we are exploring what it would be like to create our own society...they are extremeley interested in the politics and the jobs that go into creating a society. I can't wait to see where all it takes us.

Life at home is good. Little Lexi is growing like a weed. Skylar is gorgeous and Clark is just as crazy as always. Hope life is treating you well and I promise I will start back up to blogging! :)