Friday, February 24, 2012

I channel Elvis. In a way...

Do you ever feel like your creative genius is channeling Elvis? It's been there, but it's left the building? Sometimes I feel that way. And I get a little bummed but I can't put into words why I am blue. Then something will happen and I will be creative for a purpose, a reason, a deadline (usually). And you know what happens? I remember what it feels like to let that creativity flow from my mind and into my hands. Out of my hands and into the material that I am working with, whatever that may be. And I am happy. At peace. No longer restless. And I create and create and create some more. I feed my need for creativity. And it feels good. So, so good! But what if I didn't know that was my need? What do people do when they are forever restless and can't find why?

I wonder if you could put into words what kind of soul you feel like you have? Are you an old soul? A tender soul? A restless soul? A peaceful soul?

And why? Have you always been that way, have you been jaded by life at some point? I wonder. I wonder. Do you have a need to feed? What is it that drives you? When are you at your most expressive and true self? I wonder...


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