Tuesday, June 7, 2016

From Where I Sit

Ya' know that feeling you get when you come to a crossroads in your life? A fork, a T, a full four way stop. Whatever it is, you have to make some hard decisions. And if you're anything like me you feel a little (a lot) lost. Unsure of yourself and your future. Afraid to make the wrong choice. Afraid to listen to your inner voice. Afraid of more changes. Afraid to make other people uncomfortable or angry. Especially if you've gone through a lot of heart wrenching things in the last year. Maybe a complete change is exactly what you need. But you're still afraid.

 Fear. Sucks.

I am not sure which direction I will go in. Which doors will open up for me and which doors will be closed. I DO know that I have laid it all at Gods feet. I have prayed for peace and strength and that he who knows my destination will continue to build my path for me. And I've stopped caring about what people who have no idea what I've truly gone through think and feel.

The peace that he is in control and will shield me has come. The strength is a daily process of little steps that lead to mountains climbed. And wherever life takes me I can tell you this... No matter what happens, life looks good from where I sit.

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