Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wait! I Have to Vacuum!

This is what happens to your hallway when a 2 1/2 year old gets a toy vacuum from his Nana. One day while you are minding your own business, he will start throwing EVERYTHING in his room out into the hallway! "What are you doing?" you will say. "I have to vacuum my room right now" he will say! At this point if you are anything like me, you will walk away, take a picture and let the little clean freak go about his business! (Note to all of you panicking out there, I made him put it all back). Also, of major importance today he and I went another round in the Battle of Nap Time Ring....The score was previously, Clark:2 Mommy:0....Today-I WON!!!! Granted it took me an hour of sitting by his bed telling him to lay down and the nap itself only lasted an hour, but I made my point! I probably wouldn't have been so strict on the whole nap thing today if I had gotten any sleep, but I didn't so a nap was essential.
Next, of great importance it was Day Two on my Love Dare challenge. My challenge was to still say nothing negative to my spouse and to do something unexpected as a gesture of kindness. I gave this a lot of thought and worked within my boundaries. There is currently the leftover conditions of the first Blizzard EVER in my state and I am stuck at home. Therefore, I made the kids a "kid friendly" dinner and made him a special dinner. I also had the crazy two year old in bed before he got home. This gave us a little quiet time at the table together with only one interruption from the older kid. I was going to make another recipe from my NEW favorite cook book The Pioneer Woman Cooks, I wanted to make Iron Skillet Corn Bread. A few problems arose, no buttermilk....no problem she says I can make my own! Great, I will do that! Oops, no vinegar or low-fat milk! Okay, scrap corn bread plans! Hubs will be happy with a hot home cooked meal. I think I succeeded in my challenge. Hubs did ask if I was on Day Two and I said Yes...then he said "Why are you doing this?" "Do you think we have a bad marriage?" Heck NO!!!! I think we have a great marriage and I think when you get to the point in your marriage when you think you don't have to keep trying...you should try something new and fun! I think we will grow and learn!
I have decided to put in here what I am currently reading and what my kiddos are currently reading. Reading is big in our house, so I hope that we can inspire you to pick up a new book. I am currently reading Out Of The Dust which so far is a great book about the Oklahoma Dust Bowl! My 12 year old daughter is reading Wuthering Heights and the two year old is currently reading a whole collection of classics ranging from Dr. Seuss to Eric Carle! Please, Please, Please read to your kids-until they are grown and out of your house! My daughter and I read the same books and have "mini" book clubs over them. We are the only members of the book club, it is very exclusive! We would love it if you wanted to read with us and chat about any books!
Thanks for listening....more tomorrow...

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