Friday, February 12, 2010


I don't know whether I have too much to say or nothing to say! My mind is racing with so much. Between school, which is just busy, busy, busy. Work, really busy and crazy! And home, which is just home sweet home with one crazy two year old, one aloof 12 year old, and the hubs....they all keep me hopping. I have just spent three straight days home with Clark thanks to the RSV bug he had. Then my babysitter, the only non-family person that I have ever entrusted with my child tells me she is moving at the end of the school year.

A moment of silence please...

We will miss her and her wonderful family. And we will now have a good excuse to go the Lake and play this summer. So that is the way I will think of it, only the positive. But dang, I am sad.

I have learned through many friends that my prayers are just what they should be, which makes me feel good.

And I am looking forward to a Valentines Day with the hubs. My parents are taking my kiddos to a Disney show on stage so that the hubs and I can do something special. His first idea was to take me to the deer hunting lease to fill up the deer feeders. I promptly suggested that he do that the next day with his buddy! So now I am not sure what we will do. It would be nice to do something different that we have never done before, but that would probably require more time, money, and energy than we have. So a movie and a meal sounds real nice to me! I hope you all have a great Valentines Day!

And I would like to say a quick thank you to Survivor for not only coming back on the air...but also for bringing back Boston Rob! He is the best player ever in the history of the game...and I am addicted!


  1. Hee! Deer hunting lease to fill up the feeders :D (although time alone out in nature isn't all wrong...with picnic and a blanket, even filling deer feeders could be turned into something positive!) But, nice that you get to do something special together whatever it ends up being. Nothing wrong with dinner and a movie!! (still haven't gotten to do that with my 'sweetie'...dinner,, no)

    Have a happy, lovely Valentine's Day, my friend!

  2. Thank you Tezzie. How do you normally celebrate Valentine's Day? Is it even that big of a deal there? It is kind of a silly holiday....if you are only telling your sweetie how you feel on that day that would stink. Luckily, we are both pretty good about showing how we feel all year long. A picnic in the woods would be wonderful, unfortunately it is around 35-40 degrees here now. Not really picnic weather.

  3. Sorry to reply so's been a bit of a week ;D

    Valentine's Day in Finland is celebrated, but it's not as big here as it is in N.America...Here they call it Friend Day, but it's for family and loved ones as well.

    Personally, I stick to the exchange gifts thing...I've yet to hear the words "I love you" from Hubby, and he's not one to show love or say sweet things normally. So, if I gave up on the gift (I got some roses :D), then I'm afraid I'd be left with nothing at all... :(