Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Things are changing up in here. And I L.O.V.E. it! I am in need of some change.

Nothing major mind you.

Some new arrangements. Some new colors.

What's a girl on a strict budget to do?

Time to get creative...

How about new window treatments?
These are actually hand towels that the hubs grandma hand embroiders for us every Christmas. I just can't bring myself to use them as hand towels though. So with the sewing help of my mother in law and a nifty idea from this lady I was set to go.
It was her napkins on those cute little clips that inspired my idea. The designs on them are lighthouses, which I love.

Next, I was inspired during a trip to Hobby Lobby to spend a birthday gift card. In the clearance isle I found an empty picture frame-no back or nuffin. For F.I.V.E bucks! I've been looking for awhile now for the perfect cross to hang in my house and I still haven't found the ONE. I was hoping to find a cross that I could hang inside the picture frame. But alas, I still didn't find one. That is when I thought of my entryway and how much I loathe it. So, I got the frame and bought a wooden letter "N". I knew I would have the perfect paper at home to cover the letter and I am going to place that N inside the frame. So, I moved out what was in there and changed it all around. I added the picture frames I have of all my kids that spell out their names in funky, cool ways and I have to say....It's my new favorite thing in my house! Check out the before/after...
Oh, I do love it so!

Next, the hallway which I need to re-do because I took two of the frames off that wall to move them to the entrance. I still want a wall of photos so now I just need to add some photos!

Right now it looks like this, minus those two long black frames...

I have some big plans for some other rooms too, but they will have to wait! What's going on around your house?


  1. LOVE that idea for using your precious embroidered gifts in an everyday way. Looks great!

    Visiting from RSDOI and the 'Happiness Is' hop. Thanks for sharing. I'm a new follower who is looking forward to reading your posts. Happy Thursday! ☺

  2. What a wonderful way to put those gifts to good use instead of just having them collect dust in a drawer somewhere. They'll make you smile everyday. And great job using your clearance find to spice up a boring spot in your home--I need to be that bold. I found a mirror at a yard sale for $1 and just bought it in hopes of doing something that creative! Thanks for the inspiration and for linking up!