Saturday, June 4, 2011

Saturday Morning Scene....

This was my Saturday I tried to catch a snooze on the couch...this little man found a whisk.

Clark: "Mommy I want to bake something"
Me: "Ok, what"
Clark: "I'm just gonna go find my secret ingredients"
Me: "Ok"
(insert random crashing around in the kitchen)
Me: "What exactly is it you are needing?"
Clark: "Oh, here's my secret ingredient"
(holds up mini marshmallows)
Me: "Ok, lets pour them in a bowl"
Clark: "Ok lets pour my secret ingredient in a bowl"
(at this time I am mentally starting to count the number of times he says "secret ingredient")
Clark: "My next secret ingredient is um (insert tapping finger on forehead) um, um, milk"
Me: "Great, I'll pour some in this cup and you can pour it in your bowl"
Clark: "Good idea"
I pour milk in cup, he pours milk in bowl and proceeds to whisk...I think we are done...I am wrong!
Clark: "My next secret ingredient is um, um, um..."
Me: "How about some chocolate chips?"
Clark: "Oh yes, chocolate chips, that is definately my secret ingredient"
Me: "Um, ok glad I could help"
Add chocolate chips to the mix and done...right? Nope...
Clark: "My next secret ingredient is tea" (notice he had to think about that-none)
Me: "Really?"
Clark: "Yup"
I give him some tea...he pours it into mix and starts whisking away...I snap some photos...he then proceeds to try and get me to eat it.
Clark: "Take a bite"
Me: "You take a bite"
Clark: "Try my secret ingredient"
Me: "Go get your sister to try it"

And Ladies and Gentlemen...your next Iron Chef is....Clark!


  1. Thanks for your sweet supportive comments.
    I'm your newest follower.
    ~ Mona : )

  2. Stopping by from SMS. That tea just put it over the top!

  3. Found you at the blog hop, and I am a new follower. Please come see me at Cedar Hill Ranch, and I would adore it if you would follow!!
    Have a blessed day.

  4. Clark is adorable. Can't blame you for not trying it.

    Hopping by from Finding New Friends. I'm your newest follower. Would love a visit back at It's a Mom's World.