Sunday, June 12, 2011

Saturday Fun...Picture Style...

First, I need to say that last Saturday when I did my Saturday Morning Scene-I was linking up with Loves of Life for her Saturday Morning Scene. I am so sorry that I forgot to add that. I love her blog and if you don't already follow her, you should! You must! She is awesome and her baby is gorgeousness defined!!!

Ok, so this week my Saturday was way too full to do one picture so I must bombard you with picturedom! Hope you don't mind!

The kids and I started our day by going to lunch with my mom. There is a cool restaurant a couple of towns away that features Trains. When I say trains, I mean they actually have 10 trains that go around tracks on the walls and hanging from the ceiling. This is Clark in front of the entance.

Now, you never know what you are gonna get when you take Clark somewhere. He might love it (the way you think he will)...or he might be really grumpy and not be as into as you wanted him to be. Well, lucky for us...he was totally into the trains. He kept physically pushes my head towards the train when it came around so I would see it. I will say that Lexi also really enjoyed watching them. There was one that would come right by our table, towards the ceiling and she had a perfect view. She followed it as far as she could every time it came around.

It is a really neat restaurant and I would love to go back. They have a wide variety of food (I got fried green tomatoes, which I love and can never find). And Lexi got to eat her first french was love at first bite!

Then we came home and my cousin and her wonderful family came over to help us set up our swimming pool. We are so excited about the possibility of getting to swim at home this summer. We just have to do a few more things to get it ready.

Then we got to meet the Daddy at a friends house for a cook out and swimming party at his house. We had fun and here is a little picturama to show the fun we had!

I hope you all had a great Saturday too!


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