Tuesday, August 2, 2011

We're Having A Heatwave....

A tropical heat wave. Oh, wait. This isn't so tropical. I would actually welcome a tropical heat wave at this point. At least there would be some breeze coming off the ocean, right?

My mind is kind of melted right now so I warn you that this post will be full of random thoughts and mommy nonsense.

For instance, I have a car that has seen better days. It has no air conditioning right now and getting the A/C charged only last a day. I also have black leather seats. And the two back windows don't roll down.

This basically means that my children don't go anywhere with me except the baby because she is little and can't (yet) refuse to get in the car with me.

It also means that on our 15 minute drive home today in the 110 degree heat of our town...I worried that she might have become unconscious due to the heat because she was quiet...so I did what any good mommy would do and said her name a little too loudly...I scared the crap out of her. I saw her poor feet jump. That was just wrong of me.

This crazy ass heat also means that people are using up water like freaking crazy and let's be honest...some of them are using it to water their lawns. Ridiculous! Seriously, utterly, ridiculous! It's over 100 degrees and it has been for weeks....who gives a shit about your lawns!!!! I don't have water every night for atleast four hours while I try to cook dinner and do dishes and heaven for bid try to bathe my children...so I'll be damned if I care about your lawn growing!

Ok, thanks for letting me rant and rave. I could go on and on about some other things as well, but I think we've all had enough for one night!

Here is a really funny picture to remind us all that sometimes when your older children pick on your baby...it can be really, really, funny!


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  1. I hope you get some respite from the heat... and that the babe gets some respite from hilarious older sibs :P