Friday, May 13, 2011

Confession Friday.....

Again, I don't know why but Friday sounds like a good day to have confession! So here goes....

When I see a trash bag on the side of the road...I automatically think "body". Is that weird to anyone?

I watched 11 of my strong, amazing, wonderful friends celebrate one of the most important moments of their life this week. I sobbed uncontrollably all the way home.

The 4th of July is my favorite Holiday (in the summer). It reminds me of my Daddy!

I think the most romantic thing in the world is stopping to kiss in the rain but I've never done it.

I am the most adventurous eater in my house. It gets annoying. Trust me.

I wanted to be The Incredible Hulk or the Fall Guy when I grew up. (If you don't know who these people are (Nichole Jones) then google it)!

I'm going to market a bumper sticker soon, but I can't tell you what it will say. (You might steal my idea). Where does one go to market bumper stickers?

I was sucking red wine out of the bottle at 10:30 on Mother's Day morning....I"ll save the full story for another day.

So, there you have it for this week. Now, I want to know atleast one of your confessions for the week. Bad mom moment? Social mishap? Wifey duties left undone? No problem, spill the beans! This is a safe judgement allowed :)

Shhhhh...we won't tell!


  1. Confession Friday?! LOVE IT!!!

    When i see bags on the side of the road i think of kittens :(
    (i've just heard of so many people that do that! YUCK!)

    Anywho, thanks so much for stopping by and following! Love your blog and am following back! :)

    Christy/ Home of OHM

  2. I love your header! So cute.

    I just found your blog through one of the Saturday blog hops! Have a great weekend. Can't wait to read more!

    Amanda @

  3. my confession is that I will do anything to not have to clean my house. I really hate cleaning! Thanks for following Mommy Time Out

  4. LOL! Love it!
    Stopping by from the Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop!
    Great Blog! ☺ ☺ ☺
    I'm following via GFC! ☺ ☺ ☺
    Hope to see you at my blog!


  5. Now following from the Spotlight Saturday Blog Hop! OMG! I think "Body" too!! How funny! Maybe we watch too much CSI?!~Lisa
    Shake off my booty one shake at a time!

  6. I have awarded you the Versatile Blogger award! Check out my post to accept:)

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    New Friends blog hop! Hope you visit
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  9. About 15 to 20 years ago there was a news story about how a trucker rain over a paper bag on the highway - and it had an abandoned baby in it. So whenever I see a bag in the road, that's what I think. Kind of sad to talk about in the blogahood!

    Let's think about a happier confession? I wore my polka dot galoshes to soccer games today and jumped in a water puddle splashing my 12 year old - How's that!!!