Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Confessions....

My confessions for this Friday are short and bittersweet....

#1 I am too tired to write much and I have a headache.

#2 I am baby crawled and sat up last night. Yes. S.A.D. She's still a baby-she really must stop all this development nonsense.

#3 My oldest, the beautiful teenager that she is, went to her first boy/girl party tonight. I told her "no kissing and no dark areas where parents couldn't see her". Secretly, I thought..."I'd already kissed by the time I was that age". But, that doesn't mean she can!

#4 When strangers say that my son who is clothed in very "boy" clothing looks like a girl...because of his long hair...I want to ask them "is hair length really the only thing you are looking at when you determine the gender of my child?" "Do your biases not carry over into his clothing at all?" "Or better yet, are you completely ignoring the fact that he is bouncing off the walls like a maniac talking about Star Wars and Batman?" "Oh, I see...those stereotypes you are happy to ignore.."

#5 Again, I am that's all you get this week.

#6 My Friday Confession tradition is kind of taxing my brain. It's hard to remember all the bad mommy, crazy wife, absent minded woman moments that I have in a week.

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