Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Shave your legs, find your uterus....

So, I am sure with that attention grabbing title you are like "whoa, what is she talking about?"

Well, let me tell you about my day. It actually started yesterday.

I looked at my calendar at work and realized I had a Doctors appointment today. With the good ol' ObGyn. Gotta love them, right?

Actually, I do really like mine. So on my way to work this morning I thought about all the things I needed to talk to him about. I've been having some problems with my ovary due to cysts, having trouble getting my birth control all worked out, want to talk to him about my depression medication, etc...

This thought leads me to wonder why this appointment was made. I mean I didn't call to make the appointment, it's been set like since I had Lexi. So why was I going? Hmmmm....pondering, wondering, thinking out loud....AHA! I got it!

This appointment is for my annual exam. Oh Shite!!! It's an exam visit and I haven't shaved my legs in F.O.R.E.V.E.R....(sorry hubs)!

This thought brought my car screeching to a halt on the highway. Ok, I'm kidding, but it did send me straight to the drug store to buy a razor and shaving cream.

You got it. I shaved my legs in the bathroom sink at work.

This lead me to realize that my feet were UBER STINKY!!!! Oh my gosh!!!! He's gonna pass out from my feet stink. What am I going to do?

Well, I'll tell you what I did...I disrobed and put on my lovely gown (open in the back, please). Then I proceeded to wash my feet with soap and water in the little sink in the exam room.

That's right. I am that crazy! Or maybe I just really like my ObGyn and don't want him to drop me as a patient. You be the judge.

Then, during my exam...he says "I don't feel anything weird on your ovary but you do have a large uterus" Me: "Uh, ok..." Him: "Well, you did just have a baby, that's not abnormal" Me: "Uh, (look at the nurse awkwardly) ok"....If it's not abnormal....why bring it up? Weird!

So the moral of the story...if you shave your legs, you may find your uterus. Big or small, it is what it is.

So spill the beans...what embarassing thing have you done when life has presented with you a moment like this? Well, I admit life has probably never presented you with a moment quite like this...but you must have something to share!


  1. Found you via Design it Chic's hop and I am so glad! I love that you are that crazy! I had an "oh crap, I haven't shaved!" moment in the doctor's office too, but he wasn't an ob-gyn so my uterus didn't come into play.

  2. Kerri, I am glad that I am not the only one and I am glad that your visit wasn't as "detailed" as mine!

  3. im cracking up! i found you from your comment on sisterhood of secrets.
    the only funny thing i can think of is a couple years ago i was seeing this doctor for the first time and he told me i had a tilted uterus, i asked him if i should take that as a compliment? he was cracking up.... while i am in stirrups!! i was like you, thinking " why is he telling me this?"