Friday, May 20, 2011

Friday Confessions....

Is it Friday already? Where did the week go?

So now it is Friday and I need to continue my tradition of doing my weekly confessions on Friday. Hmmm...Let me try to remember all the things that I did this week.

I run the battery down on my phone every night playing Mahjong on it. Is there a 12 step program for that?

I finally took Lexi to her 6 month Dr. appointment this week. She turned 7 months old this week. OOps...

I collect cook books. I adore cook books. I've only made a recipe out of a couple of the more than fifty that I have. Why again do I collect cook books?

I went to the store today specifically for bread. I came out with one box of mac and cheese, three bags of chips, deoderent and soap. Nice, very nice. Here are your sandwiches children, please imagine that they have bread on them.

I have never read Catcher In The Rye. Have you?

My hair is falling out. By the handful.

I know it isn't safe, but I could lay in the sun and tan everyday for the rest of my life and never get tired of it. I can actually feel it seep into my body. Sunshine. Vitamin D. Pure Bliss. Maybe it's all the rain this week, but I really want to lay out and tan.

Um, I got whistled at by a boy man today. Seriously he was probably barely legal. He pulled his car up next to mine at the stop light. Took one look at me and whistled. I blushed! Then this is the exact conversation I had in my head with myself.
Wow! I've still got it.
But really he's a child.
What does he know?
Nothing! That's what!
He's probably looking for a cougar.
What? Am I a cougar?
Am I old enough to be a cougar?
Maybe I'm a Puma. Or a Bobcat?
Surely I'm not a cougar.
What the what am I talking about. He wasn't even cute and he's a child!
I wonder what we should have for dinner?
And that was it. My internal psyche coming to terms with my status as an attractive woman. The truly sad part, for him-not me, is that I looked like bird poop on a horse turd today! Yep, I said that!

And lastly, I saw this car on my way home tonight....
It's hard to see in the picture. But it is a black Camero with PURPLE headlights. how cool! My first thought....

Holy Moses! It's the BatMobile! That is so cool!

I've gotta get me one of those!


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