Monday, May 23, 2011

My Monday...

So, generally speaking Monday is kind of a blah day! I mean for most of us suckers grown-ups it means going back to work for the week.

A headache kept me home today and it turned out to be fairly interesting....

Here, I give you... My day in pictures. I'll have you note that my day started at 3 a.m. when a certain little tot fumbled his way to my room and into my bed. I don't have a picture of that though.

First, I took this sweet angel baby and her sister to the babysitter and school. Upon arriving at the babysitter I realized that I forgot the can of formula I was supposed to bring so that she could eat this week. Oops! So I drove back home and got the formula and took it back to the babysitter. This was annoying, but actually ok because I also had to go to the money sucker drugstore to pick up my headache medicine and some other pills. So I did that and came back home.

This was little man's first day of his first summer break so he was home. That is when my day became interesting. I had a brief nap on the couch and then the rest of our day turned in to what I like to call "Transformer Hell".

This is Bumble Bee. I love Bumble Bee, mostly. My hubs, great man that he is, and lover of all toys circa 1980's...bought Clark his very first real Transformer toy. I should also note that we don't really believe in those warnings about how old children should be when they play with things. I think those are just guidelines.

Said Transformer is a pain in the ass rump to actually transform. The directions, yes directions, have 20 steps for transforming him from vehicle to robot. So since he got it, we have been asked (since he can't do it himself) to transform Bumble Bee exactly 44 times. Today, when he wanted to watch the movie...great idea we thought...NOPE. Not for us. Everytime Bumble Bee transformed from one thing to the other...Clark wanted HIS Bumble Bee transformed! F.U.N.

The next shot is when a strange man that I have never met before came to my house and wanted to hang out for awhile. He was nice, but I was happy when he left and it was us and Clark again.

Clark had a rough afternoon and evening. Something about him has always been triggered whenever another person is added to the equation. I don't know why, but he can be completely calm all day with one of us and then the other one comes home and he's a maniac. It also happens when we go to pick him up from the grandparents. I don't know why...but having me home today just threw off his groove. A few thousand Clark tantrums later I found myself alone with my pre-dinner snack....

Ahh, cheesecake. It really can turn a frown upside down and make all right with the world again. And possibly allow mom enough time to hatch an evil plan to hide lose Bumble Bee. I promise one day will find him again...

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