Monday, May 9, 2011

Birthdays, Bonfires and Invisibility Cloaks.....

Well we did it! We made it through Clark's 4th Birthday. Our boy is big and he got a big boy bike to prove it. And a Spider-Man helmut! What more could a boy ask for? Well, actually he could ask for EVERYTHING he sees in a commercial. And he could say things like "Whoa, I definately need THAT". But thank goodness he was very happy with all the things he got. He had approximately 2 bites of his cake, but ate all his ice cream. (He promised this would be the year he would eat his cake).

Here are some highlights from his special day...

So, that brings us to Mother's Day Weekend.
Let me start by saying that to me, Mother's Day is all about mommy sleeping in, getting homemade cards and macaroni necklaces. I love everything homemade and heartfelt. Keep that in mind!

Saturday I had all the kids paint pictures for the Grandma's and despite my asking for it...only Lexi (who I physically held and had control over) painted me a picture. She painted me a gorgeous picture with her feet and I adore it! I also had Skylar write each of the Grandma's a letter telling them how they are special to her. I instructed her to "make it personal".

We ended the day with a bonfire. I heart bonfires! Daddy cooked us hot dogs over the open flame and we had a picnic! Super fun.

Halfway through our Bonfire Clark disappeared. We knew he was still there because we could hear him...but we couldn't see him. You see, he decided it was time to put on his Invisibility Cloak. Good times, good times!

So that brings us to Mother's Day. The baby woke up at 7:15. She didn't get my sleeping in memo. But, that's ok because she's on formula now, so technically I don't have to feed her. I got up and made her a bottle. Put her in bed with Daddy and said I was going to the restroom. She also didn't get the memo that she was suppposed to pester him until he really woke up. I came out of the bathroom and politely (that's where I made the mistake) asked him to feed the baby. He said "why". I said "I want to go back to sleep". He rolled over and went back to sleep.

So that is how my mommy day started. Also, please note that Skylar said that she made me a gift at is now Monday night and I have yet to see that gift. She also did not bother to write me a letter telling me how great I am....hmm! I know I was like this when I was thirteen and I am formally apologizing to my two mommy's.

I did get a lovely key chain from Clark that he made at school. Thank God for school and teacher's that understand that they might be the only hope that a Mom has on Mother's Day! AND I got to see my mom, stepmom and the hubs mom. All in all, we had a good day! But damn, I wish I could have slept in!

I hope you all had a Great Mother's Day!


  1. thanks for stopping by! sounds like you had a great weekend! Love the bonfire pictures!

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