Friday, April 29, 2011

New and Shiny....

Does anyone else find it weird that twice this week something "unexpected" has happened which has forced me to clean something in my house?

Are the cleaning Gods working against me?

Is someone putting voodoo curses on me?

Let me explain my latest cleaning adventure. Oh, yes. I said adventure. It was massive. EPIC. Craziness. Total craziness.

The oldest child is at a school dance. The baby is asleep. It's just me and the little man hanging out. Watching Mary Poppins. Singing songs. Having a grand ol' time. Until I get up to go to the kitchen and he lets a huge fart politely passes some gas. I holler from the kitchen (ok, not really since it's like 7 feet away) "are you ok, did you poop?". He starts crying and runs to the bathroom.

Enter ringing telephone. I answer to hear Nana's voice. Little man stays with Nana several days a week. She proceeds to tell me that he had an upset stomach, with some unfortunate visits to the bathroom today. I am telling her that I know he has a cold and I think the drainage is causing his little tummy to hurt.

Then I round the corner to the bathroom to check on him....

EXPLOSION of poo. Like Hollywood Blockbuster Movie Special Effects kind. I took a picture though I won't share it with you. I value your eye sockets. I sent it to the hubs to make sure he knew how lucky he was to NOT be home.

Then I proceeded to clean. The bathroom. On my hands and knees. Right in the middle of that, the teenager calls to say they let the dance out early and she needs to be picked up. Uh, sorry sister. A little busy right now. Thank God, once again, for Nana.

So, I give you my conspiracy theory bathroom. Clean. Bathroom. Once again, an accident that has made me clean something.

You can admit how jealous you are now.


  1. I'm SO jealous. Not.


    My grandma lives with us and, well, we have some epic "adventures" around here too. :|

  2. Thanks for stopping by and following! I'm a follower of yours now too :)

    Ugh! Sounds like quite the yucky mess! hope you have a cleaner weekend ahead of you!

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  5. Thanks for checking my blog out… and I must say… I got a laugh out of this… we just had the never ending puking out our house last week… PURPLE grape juice is no longer my friend! I am a new follower!
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