Friday, July 15, 2011

Baby/Dog-What's the Difference...

I am a little sleep deprived today. We've got a sick baby in the house. She woke up @ 4 in the morning crying with a dirty diaper. I could hear her little tummy gurgling. I had only been asleep for about 2 hours because she took her bottle late and had a dirty diaper. Then her daddy let her see him and she wanted some snuggle time with him. Ok, I am pulling a Pulp Fiction and skipping around too much. So this morning at 4 I get her changed and make her a bottle, put her back to bed and she proceeds to chatter and roll around and scoot and nestle and giggle (I mean, really what is so funny in the dark?). So an hour and a half later I am falling back to sleep. Just in time for boy wonder to run in and try to awaken his father. But of course my husband sleeps like the dead and doesn't hear a darn thing through any of this....

He does finally stumble into the living room to turn on cartoons for the boy. 30 minutes later, asleep again, I hear "mommy, mommy, mommy, mommy" so I am trying to get the husband to get up again before the boy actually wakes up the baby. No such luck! So it's 7 I've had no sleep and I have two very awake children and 1 snoozing husband. Yay Me!

I get all the kids out to the living room so that Sleeping Beauty can get his sleep (lucky him). I make a little prison coral for the little lass so she won't roam around the house. I do this using EVERY SINGLE COUCH PILLOW! Throw some toys on the floor and plop down on the couch. (I know I just lost my Mommy Award). I am ok with it.

A little later after I had dozed off looked away for a minute I see her playing happily on the floor surrounded by mountains of couch pillows, chewing on a toy. And I think to myself "It's like I have a dog". I mean, follow me put 'em in a fence and throw 'em something to chew on and they are both completely happy.

I start to think of others ways they are like dogs. I start a little Top Ten list in my head.

10. They both wag something when they see you coming. For little lass it's her arms. She just gets so excited and starts waving her arms around like windmills.

9. They both whine and stay up all night when you first bring them home.

8. It takes patience and dedication to potty train them.

7. Sometimes, that potty training lends itself to little "accidents".

6. They start out needing us a lot and then move to needing us less and less.

5. They like to play fetch. Except babies like to be the one throwing the object.

4. They chew on things.

3. They like to sleep in your bed.

2. They can always find the one teeny tiny speck of trash/food/dirt on the floor.

1. And the number one way babies are like dogs....You can't help but love 'em!

Here's a pic of little Lexi at the Dr. this morning totally rockin' the jean skirt look! She's just the happiest little baby, even when she doesn't feel good.

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  1. Love your list! Those are a lot of similarities between babies and dogs!

  2. loved reading your post the life of a mom for sure come see me at I am a new follower of yours