Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Review...

So what do you think about my new design?

I love it...

It is very me and my header now has all three of my littles on it.

So, who did it? The Amazing Grace! That's really her name.

She is the sweet little owner of Gracely Designs.

She listened to me about what I wanted and asked questions when needed. She took free range of the project with what I asked for and I think she did an amazing job! And she was so professional and nice.

And it wasn't until halfway through the project, when I realized that she is my daughter young! That made me so much more impressed with her. I was astounded at her level of professionalism and her desire to run a business.

It also lead me to think alot about my daughter and what she could accomplish if I was brave enough to set her out into the world with her own little business venture.

So, please help Grace build her business and stop by to see what she is capable of. I have been very happy with the whole interaction.

Thanks, Grace for a job well done!


1 comment:

  1. I love it! I am not tech savvy, so eventually I may have to look into this "Amazing Grace"! But for now, I need to work on posting more than 2 times a year.