Saturday, July 2, 2011

Love, Love, Love...

This is one of my all time favorite weekends. The Fourth of July has always been one of my favorite holidays. I love everything about it. People are just in a good mood and nicer to each other this weekend. The pace of life has slowed down and when you live in a neighborhood (outside city limits) like get to fall asleep nightly for a good two weeks listening to fireworks! I love having to go somewhere and coming home late at night...then getting to see a surprise fireworks show on my drive. I love watching the faces of my children when they watch them. I love the food! Burgers and hotdogs, watermelon and strawberries, corn on the cob, oh my! So my day today has been full of cleaning my house for the Annual Extravaganza we have! It's going really s-l-o-w with a four year old and a baby in the house. But we are also doing a really deep cleaning. It took us 3 hours this morning to steam, scrub, steam, scrub, steam and then scrub some more on our stove top. But, it looks like we just moved in to the house! So I think it is worth it.

I'm linking up for the Say Hi Sunday Hop and will hopefully have some pictures to share tomorrow of some of our crafts and decorations for the party!
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Have a great Independence Day!


  1. I love the 4th of July weekend too! I'm visiting from the hop and I'm glad I was able to find you. You have a great blog and I'm looking forward to clicking around. I'm going to zip over and follow you too before I leave. Have fun this weekend!


  2. Oh, I couldn't agree more. I just love it! I can't wait for Emma to really see fireworks for the first time this year. She saw them last year, but she really didn't care now she's 2 and I can't wait!