Saturday, January 9, 2010

Cast of Characters....

This is it. These are them. The people I spend my life with. Well, three of them anyway. I figure it is time to really introduce you to the people I talk so much about!

The Hubs...

If he sees this, which he won't, he will tell me I should have used a different picture. And I will tell him no, because this picture, this one little innocent picture...makes me love him over and over again. He is playing basketball with our daughter, while on vacation, with my parents, staying at my aunt and uncles house. I love that, that even though he is stubborn and likes to have his way...each summer he goes on vacation with me, our children, and my parents. Not a lot of men would do that. Plus, because of his work schedule, he doesn't get to play with our children as much as he would like. (P.S. if you need tips on how to talk your hubs into doing this...well, actually, I got nothing!)

The Girl....(Please do not let your teenage sons look at this)

Ah, the Girl, 12 years old and already so old. What can I say about this beautiful creature except that every day I am amazed. Amazed by her smartness, her beauty, her humor, and most of all the fact that I have raised her. What else in the world can make you feel so accomplished and proud? This picture and others from that same "session" we did are some of my favorites. Just two weeks later, she was so sick, just hanging on by a thread, and I almost lost her. Nothing can compare to that feeling. It isn't grief, it isn't sadness, it's impossible to explain. Is it possible from that moment on I will always feel vulnerable? That is the word. Every minute of my life now I realize that my whole world could crumble in a matter of minutes. I had never had a real grasp on that before. Now go hug your babies! No matter how old they are!

The Boy....

You have no idea how much I would love to have a picture of a sweet little boy posing for the camera here. Unfortunately, I don't have a little boy that likes to pose. I have a little boy that sees a camera and immediately thinks it is time to jump off the couch. Oh, I have a few posed pictures...but these are my favorites anyway. From the day he was conceived, he has never stopped moving. In the womb, it was constant. I begged the doctor to take him out...he was bruising my insides. Then even as an infant....he moved when he slept. Always a finger, or a foot, something has to be moving. One thing is for sure...he keeps us all on our toes. (On a side note, if you have some energy you need to get out....please call me, I will drop him off to you anytime) Just kidding, I don't give up my babies easily, actually.

So there ya' go. My happy family. Oh, yes we have our rough times...Christmas Break and the Mom vs. Clark Nap Time Battle for instance. But mostly, things here are grand. The Love Dare is going well. Some of the days are very hard for me, because it is telling me to do things and ask things that we just don't have problems with. So, I am doing them and asking the hubs questions as I go, to make sure we are on the same page. For instance, I had to write a list of rules I would follow while fighting with him. We don't fight. So, I made my list and tucked it away...of things I wouldn't do if we did fight.

The simple life thing is going well. I made dinner rolls from scratch tonight. It was after 9 when I finally got them in the oven but the recipe didn't say you actually had to have them for dinner. Boy, were they good....the kids were asleep, so I could've eaten the whole pan. (I didn't). Also, if the recipe says you should have 3 dozen...go ahead and make 'em small...don't think, "well if I just make 12, they will be really big rolls". After eating one...I can see why you might want them smaller. Plus, then you can trick yourself and eat three instead of just one. See I'm a genius!

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  1. What a beautiful family you have :D Your daughter is gorgeous, and what a character your son seems to be...I have an active little boy, too...exhausting, isn't it!? But wouldn't have it any other way, of course...thankfully he's old enough now to keep himself mostly occupied, and my daughter is now old enough to play with him as well, so they keep each other occupied for the most part ;D