Thursday, January 7, 2010

Death in the House....

There has been a tragic death in my house. Now, hold on, everything is ok. I said in my house, not in my family.

I went on a cleaning spree this afternoon. I am not sure what exactly started my "need for clean", but it occurred. And I will be honest that me feeling the need to clean is a VERY rare occasion. So, there I was cleaning the house. Since we had a "too cold" for school day in my town, I was stuck at home and had nothing better to do I guess. My daughter Skylar was home also, but I must say the main reason I got so much done is because I was able to take Clark to the sitter! YAY!

I had my nose, shoulders, and midsection stuck in my closet. I am sure from behind it was a beautiful picture. When I heard, "mom, mom, MOM"! So, I said "What"?

Skylar said, "please come here".

To impersonate Clark, I said "ok, fine, whatever" and walked into the living room.

This is what I saw in my kitchen.

Oh, not so scary, you say! Here is a closer look...

Ok, here I will admit to be so not a country, simple kind of girl. I called the closest man I knew (my father-in-law) to promptly come get the dead mouse off my floor. Thankfully, he only ribbed me a little bit!

On other notes for the day, I cooked a dinner that was so gross I won't even talk about it. My kids and I managed to scarf it down and the hubs ate something else when he got home.

Today is the Anniversary of the day I had Gastric Bypass. I used to weigh 315 pounds and my Body Mass Index was 54! I lost 170 pounds after surgery and two years later had all my extra skin removed, a full body lift, and a Ta-Ta lift. I have always been grateful that I was able to do it. And I have always encouraged others to as well. If you want more info on it...please comment or email me! I will try to dig out some "before" pics and scan them.

To put things in perspective though...I was feeling proud of myself and mentioned to Skylar that it was the Anniversary of my Gastric Bypass. She said, "well, it's also the day a mouse died in our kitchen".

I'm gonna take that as a "good job, Mom"!


  1. Wow! For sure, "good job, mom" ! What an incredible accomplishment to have gone through all those surgeries and have lost all that weight!...and not to mention the terrible ordeal with the mouse ;D Seriously, though...I hate those little critters as well, and am thankful that hubby usually takes care of mouse disposal (although that often involves killing them first since even though we have 2 cats in the house, they are totally useless mousers!)

  2. I'm glad I am not the only one. We don't have any cats, so we resort to traps...this one however was always getting out of the traps, so we had to go to poison...