Sunday, January 3, 2010

What? Christmas is over...

I wish someone would have warned me that today would be coming. The very last day of my two week Christmas break. The day I should be taking down my Christmas decorations. The day I should be catching up on laundry and dishes and maybe cook a few extra meals to get ready for the week to come. UGH, why didn't anyone tell me. Oh and I mainly wish that someone would tell little man that it is Sunday and Mommy stayed up until 3 am playing on the computer. And maybe, just maybe he should be considerate and take a nap. But, I am slowly coming to terms with the fact that the day is pretty much over and now it is time to think about dinner. We are once again trapped inside by snow. The snow isn't that bad, but I have a car with bad tires and two children. Why would I go to the hassle of dragging them, in we are for the night. Our very last night of vacation and freedom. BLAH! And to add to the matter, I am officially counting down to the new semester of school. My semester starts on January 18th, so I have 15 days until insanity reigns upon my house again. Please, if you know anyone who is college age and thinking of not going...grab them by the armpits and shake the living crud out of them. You have to make them understand how hard it is to wait to go to college. Until you have no choice but to work full time and go full time, because you have mouths to feed. Until, you can't go out with all your little college friends after class, because you have a hubs and little mouths at home. Until, when you have to think about skipping class (even though it is gut wrenching because you are paying for it yourself now) it isn't because you overslept or have a hangover, but because one of your little mouths is sick. Oh for the love of pete, please make them understand they have to go to college when they are young!!!!
So back to my last day of vacation. I did manage to start one load of laundry so far, and the little man has discovered that we have more DVD's than the Toy Story and Cars ones. Maybe I have a short window of opportunity to do something else productive. I am thinking of making homemade pizza for dinner, with actual homemade crust. Another recipe from my new cookbook. So, I will let you know how that goes a little later....for now, I will relish my last few hours of freedom.

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