Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mars vs. Venus

I don't remember it women that are from Mars or men? I think it is men. Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus. Yes, that is it. We had that Epic battle in our house this evening. This is how it played out.

The hubs:
"I love and adore you. You are the most beautiful wife ever. I am so lucky to have you, other men weep at the thought you are taken" (okay some of this might have been in my imagination). But he really did say this "I love you, how was your day?"

"Blah" "Really blah" "I hate my day" "I hate all days".

Yikes that is a lot of hates. Am I really that hateful? No I am not. I am however really miserable at work. So miserable that I detest going to the place. I detest the drive, pulling up in the parking lot, opening the door, all that stuff. Do I like my job? Why Yes, Yes I do. I just am so tired of the fact that my job which is to train, mentor, teach and help people has turned in to me babysitting people. Telling them simple things they should already "come to work on time everyday". Really people? Please tell me if you have children that you are raising them to know the value of punctuality and a job well done. I can tell you it is completely lacking. And not just from the "younger" generation either...some of these people are well older than me.

So then, like the great hubs that he is...he asked me what was wrong. And I told him, everything, and then more...I got it all out. A note to all husbands...this is where this conversation SHOULD end. Just listen, nod your head, pat my back, say you love me. Don't try to solve the problem. You can't. See I know you are from Mars and you feel like you really must solve the problem. But you don't have really just need to listen. And love. And support.

But man do I love you for trying. And I really love you for coming back later to make me laugh!

My high for the day was the thirty minutes that I sat at my desk and took a lunch break. I hate a delicious Marie Calendars Creamy Mushroom Chicken Pot Pie. Dreamily delectable! And I read a book while I ate it. A real lunch break, in the midst of my hateful was good.

And then I made really great home cooked chicken. Simple, floured, tasty, pan fried chicken. My kids loved it...the hubs hasn't even tried it yet. I have leftovers for work tomorrow....another day at my desk with a book perhaps?

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  1. Hubs sounds like a great guy...even if he IS from Mars ;D
    And, don't let the "morons" at work get you down...sometimes the little stuff that doesn't usually bother us gets all piled up and seems bigger than it really is. (happens to me all the time ;D). Take a deep breath, give your kids a big hug, and hope it all gets better just might...or it might not, but then there's still hope for the next day!