Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lessons Learned....

I read something today at http://www.theprovidentwoman.com/ that reminded me of a time when Skylar was little. She was four and she had a goldfish! God love Goldfish! Do you think they were created just for us to torture and kill? I mean, has anyone ever had a goldfish that lived???

Like more than a month?

Well, Skylar's goldfish was a total slob. So, we had to clean the bowl. I scooped out the little fishy, named Goldilocks, of course. I put it in a bowl and I washed out her home. Nice and clean, no streaks. Then I filled it up with water and put her back in. She swam around and all was well.

Until an hour later....

When she was floating upside down...

Ugh, what happened? I have to tell Skylar I killed her fish! Okay, this happens, she'll learn. What a wonderful life lesson! Things die! We'll have a funeral, we'll flush her...

And we did, we gathered around and threw, I mean gently placed Goldilocks into the toilet.

Apparently the water was cold...Goldilocks was miraculously shocked back to life and started swimming around in my toilet.

Wow! In one instance I went from Killer to Reviver, Saver, Healer!

Onto, some lessons I actually learned today...

Whole milk is not low-fat milk, pay attention when you are shopping!

When you get new Christmas Tree Ornaments....look closely at all the things they do. It is sad when you notice two years later that your sons First Christmas Ornament actually winds up and plays music.

Don't be surprised when you are taking down your Christmas Tree if you find a tennis ball in it...two year olds think very differently than we do.

There is a radio station in my area that recently "changed it's format"....GenX radio....it is awesome. Who knew listening to Nelson again on the radio would make me so happy?

Listening to said radio station with 12 year old daughter in the car....priceless!!!

I made pizza dough last night...from SCRATCH! Is it crazy to say that next to marriage and beautiful, healthy children...it might be one of my proudest moments? I felt so powerful, accomplished...and dare I say it, WOMANLY! I might have actually run through the house screaming "I am woman" if my hubs hadn't been home!

My final thought....try something new today-see if you can get that feeling too!

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