Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Time to Confess....

Ok, Ok, I know. It's been forever. I haven't blogged in forever! I am a horrible blogger! I apologize to you, my devoted fans. Things have been really great at home lately. And I started back to school tonight. I go three nights a week this semester and then I have a weekend course that is three weekends long. So, I think I was just soaking up all my family time. Hunting season is over....YAY! That means the hubs is home. We went to dinner (no kids) on Saturday night. We got to finally go see his Grandma on Sunday...we never made it to her house for the holidays because of all the snow in our area. And then yesterday since I had the day off and the kids were out of school, we went with my step-mom to see my great grandma! It was so great to get to see her and to have my kids get to see her. I told Skylar to make sure she cherished the few minutes we got to spend with her, there aren't many kids now that can say they know their great-great-grandma's. I am very thankful that I have a relationship with her and that I knew all of my great grandparents on that side. My biological grandparents all passed before I was born, old enough to remember them, or when I was in my teens. I happen to think that children having relationships with the elders in their family is CRUCIAL. And I think that if there are no elderly people in the family, you should seek them out. In one of my after school programs I actually started a pen pal project for my students to write and visit with the elderly in a nearby nursing home. They learned so much, and they both got a sense of having someone care about them. In this day and age, that is so very important.

Things on the job front are so tiring right now. Another reason that I spaced out last week. Perhaps it is lack of vitamin D, but some of my workers really seem to have lost their minds. It is so stressful, today when I got to work an hour early, I actually set my alarm and took a nap in my car...just because I did not want to go in the building. I had to mentally prepare myself for the day I knew I was going to have. I can't wait to get home everyday and see my babies and my hubs. I am currently listening to Clark lay in his bed and talk and sing to himself. I should note that I put him to bed an hour and a half ago....silly little boy!

I have been making more stuff from scratch...a wonderful flat apple pie last week made the hubs very happy! It took forever to peel the five apples, but it was funny because Clark stood at my feet the entire time eating all the chunks I would get on the peels. I also enjoy seeing how I could change the recipes up a little. I really love to cook! My hope is that one weekend soon I can make a bunch of dough for pies and pizza and such so that I can freeze them. That way I can be ahead of the game since that really takes up time!

So, I promise to get back on track with the blog and keep you all up to date on my happenings....I know how you anticipate it :)And if you are in my area and you wanna help make dough sometime...just come on over!

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  1. I don't know how many times I've wanted to do that...take a nap in the car, just to destress and 'boot up'! Haven't done it yet, but as soon as the weather warms up I have a feeling I might start packing a pillow and blanket with me to school each day D;

    That pie sounds yummy! I'm so impressed by your dedication to simplify (although, in my world...that actually means to complicate things ;D)

    As for the blogging, of course your posts are always appreciated...but please don't let them become an obligation! You have more than enough on your plate already, so you need to blog for your own pleasure only.

    Take care of yourself,