Saturday, April 9, 2011

Little Miracles...

I have three little miracles. Let me tell you more about them. One at a time...

Skylar, my first. She was a surprise. Me a young girl with no real goals in life yet. Floating around with no responsibilities. In one second my whole world changed. She changed my world. She defined me....I am mother. She was the fussiest baby I had ever met in my whole life! She cried all the time. She couldn't latch on, she was gassy, cholic, just plain grumpy I think. And she could projectile vomit across the room. We sat outside alot together in the Texas Fall weather. (She's my only Texan) I hated living in Texas away from my family and I couldn't wait to come home. And when we did come home...she was a completely different baby. Happy go lucky. But she liked being held (thanks to me never putting her down) so it was hard on other people to watch her. She did everything right on track at just the age she was supposed to and her personality blossomed. She was quietly curious. She took things in, she watched people, she got into everything. She had imaginary friends AND imaginary pets. She's strong, a little shy if you don't know her, silly, artistic and so smart. She plays the guitar. I secretly dream that she'll become a rock star and take care of me when I am older. I also want to go on the road with her and see the world. I think we would have a blast together.

She reads the same way I used to and wish I still had time to. She always has her Kindle in her hand. I wonder what people think of her when they see her nose buried in a book? Are they willing to find out who she really is...? She is still finding out the true meaning of friendship. And it is hard for me to watch her struggle with that. I give her advice, but I know in her head she is saying "Dumb mom, you don't know anything". I wish I could take away all the pain that she might ever feel and I can't believe that she is mine. She is my daughter and I know that once we get past all the horrible teenage years, we will be great friends. We have so much in common and I can see the whole world being open to her if she makes the right decisions.

The most important thing you should know about Skylar is that from the day she was born she's been empathetic. She has made me proud so many times in her 13 years by helping people, showing her empathy towards people, and standing up for what is right. She's on the verge of being a teenager. She's in that perilous middle road. She still wants to be our little girl, but she also wants to be responsible and older. I worry about her constantly, she is already so beautiful and talented. I can't imagine what she might become.

I don't know how I did it, but I think I've managed to raise one great girl so far. Don't get me wrong...there are days she drives me crazy. But I couldn't be prouder or happier to call her my first daughter.

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