Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mary or Rhoda....

Go on. Admit it. You know you think of yourself as either Mary or Rhoda.

It actually is a major part of one of my very favorite, completely cheesy movies. You see, we can't all be the Mary's of the world. The glamorous single girl in the city making her way all on her own. Ready and waiting for life to take her to her next adventure. Cute and sassy, everyone loved Mary.

So then there's the rest of us...the mom that doesn't get enough sleep at night. The mom that has to make decisions like "should I shave my legs or wash my hair?".
The girls that usually sit and wait for things to happen to them instead of going out and taking the world by storm. The mom that digs in her purse and pulls out a pacifier even though her child hasn't used one in 4 months. (?)

And I am sitting here tonight watching 'Sex In the City 2' and wondering which one am I? I know I am NOT Carrie. I love her to pieces, but I could never pull off the completely bizarre clothes she pairs together.

I'm not Samantha..."nuff said". I don't think I am Miranda because even though she has kids and a husband, she is still all about being a lawyer.

So that leaves Charlotte. Yes, definately. I am Charlotte. For the entire run of this show, Charlotte had her heart set on getting married and having babies. Check Check, that's me! Of course, I am not married to a Jewish man and I don't have a nanny. Bummer to that second one! I kid, I kid.

But it's true. My entire life has been leading up to this point. So, although when I was young I longed to be the Mary....I find life is pretty good as the Rhoda!


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  3. I love Charlotte, and Rhoda. How about Laverne or Shirley? or Cagney or Lacey? found you on the hop.